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Les Mills - BODYATTACK® Kit 60 [Tutorial]

Les Mills - BODYATTACK® Kit 60 [Tutorial] | 1,4 GB

BODYATTACK ® continues to defy industry innovations and fads by providing simple easy-to-follow moves attracting large numbers of fitness enthusiasts back into the group fitness arena. The success of BODYATTACK ® can be attributed to its basic principles, pre-choreographed athletic exercise, music with appeal, and instructors who live to get active. Appealing to men and women, BODYATTACK ® is ideal for anyone with moderate fitness levels who is seeking an athletic challenge.

This is no dance class but a high-intensity workout for those who want to be seriously fit. Participants can expect high energy, high heart rates and rapid changes of posture. Our aim as instructors is to increase participation by providing an unforgettable exercise experience that works and works fast!

BODYATTACK 60 is a celebration release! It's a party, so have fun and sing along to the great music. We're celebrating 15 years of BODYATTACK and all the people - members, instructors and trainers - who have been involved in the energy and passion of the program.

The creation of BODYATTACK ®

BODYATTACK ® was created in 1980 to attract those people wanting a simple, athletic cardiovascular challenge. Originally known as “jazzergetics”, it was taught in church halls and community centres around New Zealand. Over 20 years on, BODYATTACK ® is the longest running Les Mills programme and has evolved from church halls to being one of the most popular BTS classes in the hundreds of clubs currently operating the programme. You can experience BODYATTACK ® in 20 countries and in over 1,500 clubs in most major global cities. The consumer popularity already boosts over 100,000 visits per week with a monthly average of 30 new clubs joining the global network, and an expectation that this figure will double by late 2004.

The workout

The workout structure, exercise techniques and choreography style draw from a variety of disciplines including; athletics, sports, callisthenics and good old-fashioned aerobics! Predictable pre-choreographed exercises ensure your success – there are no surprises, just progressive movement.


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